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Learning new skills at CSP Addlestone!

In support of our customers returning to their local communities and accessing community provisions once again, our Addlestone Community Support Project team have made an exciting link with Addlestone Bowls Club in Victory Park, which has sportingly provided a fantastic opportunity for our CSP customers to learn a new skill in Lawn Bowls.

Our CSP customers meet at Addlestone Bowls Club every fortnight and receive expert tuition with Albert and as you can see, are Loving it!

Albert Tapper, Club Secretary, is currently looking to elevate the sport by making it inclusive and accessible - allowing a wider audience within the community to get involved and have some fun!

Albert says, 'The club greatly enjoy the presence of the lovely Addlestone CSP Group from County Care, who bowl with the Club fortnightly. As a Council Bowling Club, inclusivity and accessibility are central to our club values and therefore engaging with our local community, is a key component to extending our welcome to all and establishing further links within the local Addlestone community’.


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