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Do you love crisps?!

Do you also enjoy helping others and giving back?

WELL, we've recently discovered the Crisp Packet Project and we'd love you to join us in supporting this fantastic movement.

Pen Huston founded the Crisp Packet Project in 2019 and it has grown from a one woman band to a worldwide social enterprise and is also supported by the Co-op Community Fund.

The project takes crisp packets, a one use plastic, and gives them a whole new lease of life and an incredible new purpose. Give this video a watch to find out all about it...

From ponchos to wash bags and survival blankets, the Crisp Packet Project continues to create life changing items for those living on our streets all whilst reducing what we send to landfill! It's a win, win!

"Crisp packets are a very good material, they are very thick, they are plastic and they are waterproof. They also have this beautiful silver foil lining which acts as a reflection to your body heat that can keep you warmer for longer" - Pen Huston

To support this fantastic project we at County Care are in the process of setting up our crisp packet collection points where our service users, employees and local communities can drop off their empty packets which will then be prepared and donated to the Crisp Packet Project.

If you, like us, love this idea and want to get involved please check out the below images which explain how to prepare your crisp packets as well as what crisp packets work best!

You can then either get in touch with us to find out where your nearest County Care drop off point is or you can choose to post them directly to the project's HQ:

Crisp Packet Project HQ

Saint Pauls Road, St. Leonards-On-Sea, TN37 6RS

There's lots of helpful videos on the Crisp Packet Project YouTube channel which share wonderful ways of transforming your crisp packets plus lots of handy tips! Click here to check them out.

Images above: The crisp packet collection point set up in our Lincolnshire Community Hub



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