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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Statement

The County Care Group is keeping fully aware of developments relating to Coronavirus (Covid-19). We are committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of our staff and customers is at the forefront of our all that we do. We will continue to review our ways of working in order to deliver our services in the safest way possible.

An update following the latest Government announcement


We are sure that most of you and your family are excited at the prospect of returning to some kind of normality and are starting to plan trips and outings, along with holidays in the coming months.​

With the restrictions being lifted, we are expecting to see a high rate of infection over the proceeding weeks. Although we have made some adjustments following the latest Government announcement, other safety measures remain in place at County Care to protect our staff and those we support. We will continue to monitor this and inform you of any further adjustments made.

What will stay the same?

  • PPE will remain in use (i.e. wearing of PPE whilst supporting customers indoors, on public transport, or outside where a 1-metre distance cannot be applied between the customer and staff member).

  • Cleaning and hygiene practices will remain the same.

  • COVID testing of all frontline staff (One PCR and two LFD a week).

  • Isolation process and procedure.

  • Track and trace to remain in place.

  • Temperature checks to remain in place.

  • Travel in a car on a 1:1 basis. Customers will be required to wear a mask and sit in the back of the car, behind the front passenger seat.

  • We will continue to offer our virtual evening activities


The following changes will apply:

  • Social distancing will be reduced to 1 metre.

  • The rule of 6 is to be removed for trips to the community.

  • When supporting customers outside in the community where a 1-metre distance can be maintained, PPE will not be required.

  • Face to face meetings is permitted if there is a valid reason to hold one.

  • Public Transport: Social distancing of at least 1 metre is to be used and masks must be worn.

  • Social activities will be risk assessed and will gradually return over the coming weeks for venues that do not put customers at risk and maintain the reasonable safe practice, such as 1-metre distances.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and patience.

Support for our staff and customers during Covid-19

County Care will continue to provide the highest level of care and support for its customers throughout and beyond the Coronavirus pandemic. We are keeping up to date with, and following government guidance. We have also put in place a number of measures to ensure we protect all customers and staff which include:

  • All County Care offices and day centres have a COVID-19 risk assessment in place in accordance with government guidance and comply with the five steps to safer working.

  • All County Care staff have access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure they can work safely in accordance with the government guidance

  • Customers attending our daycare services are asked to wear a face mask and abide by social distancing rules.

  • Our Day Service Managers carry out temperature tests for all-day service attendees, including staff and customers.

  • We have launched a virtual Community Support Project to allow us to sustain our day services and continue to reach as many customers as possible. 

  • All staff are kept up to date with the latest government guidance.

  • We regularly provide advice and guidance to people using our services on how they can keep themselves safe, including ‘Easy Read’ formats.

  • All staff have received Infection Control and Covid Safety measures training and competency are regularly monitored.

  • Weekly PCR testing is in place for all staff.

  • We are a Pro-Vaccination company and encourage all staff to have the vaccine if they are able to.

Advice during Coronavirus


The best way to prevent the spread of Coronavirus is to avoid being exposed to it. You can help to prevent the spread of any respiratory viruses by following this advice from Public Health England.


How to get in touch

We have reduced the numbers of people in our offices so some members of staff are currently working from home. However, if needed, you can still get in touch with us either by telephone, email or by submitting our ‘Contact Us’ form.

Other useful links

For further information about Covid-19, please visit:


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