Community Skills Project

Surrey, Hampshire and Lincolnshire

Based in Surrey, Hampshire and Lincolnshire, our award-winning Community Skills Project is a highly successful and innovative service for adults with learning disabilities, autism and mental health challenges. Accessible on a full or part-time basis, the goal is to enable those we support to live fulfilled, independent lives, encompassing practical work, leisure and social skills.​

We believe that everybody can contribute and be part of their local community and this ethos is embedded in all our sessions.

Live, Learn, Achieve

Learn all the skills you need to become independent

Live, Learn, Achieve - helping you to live a more independent life. These sessions cover all aspects of independent skills like shopping, budgeting, travel training, banking, cooking, cleaning your home, managing correspondence and living a healthy lifestyle.

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Plan it, Buy it, Cook it

Cooking from Plan to Plate

Plan - Choose a recipe, write a shopping list, head off to the shops.

Buy - Learn how to budget

Cook - Become independent cooking your own meals, working within a kitchen environment to gain basic food hygiene and kitchen safety skills.

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Horticulture Project

Stay mow-tivated with our Gardening and Horticultural Project!

This is an opportunity to get involved in our gardening projects based on our allotments and in the community. Introducing you to valuable kitchen gardening skills to gaining vocational skills in countryside management.

Did you know?

  • Growing plants provide us with a source of responsibility

  • Being outdoors connects us with nature which has a positive impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing

  • Gardening is a great source of exercise

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Office & Media Skills Project

Play a leading role in a real office environment

Our Office and Media Skills Project is a social enterprise providing those we support with an opportunity to learn real-life vocational skills, preparing individuals for work as well as guidance in ‘next steps’ into employed life.


Arts & Crafts

Explore creativity and experiment with a wide variety of mediums 

Our creative sessions benefit the emotional well-being of those we support, boosting their self-esteem and confidence, along with learning the art of producing products to sell within your local community. There's always lots of ideas and fun had when making things for personal projects and as part of our enterprise scheme.

From community markets and fairs to village fete’s, your creative skills and talents can be taken home, displayed or sold.

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Connect with your community whilst building on your social, practical and employment skills

Volunteering is extremely rewarding, it allows you to connect with your community, gain valuable work skills as well as give back.​

Giving your time to volunteer not only helps you make new friends and learn new practical skills, but it also has a positive impact on your wellbeing.

Woodwork Project

Learn new skills with our professional furniture restorer, based in our bespoke workshop in Surrey

Under supervision, you will learn skills in carpentry and woodwork. We have lots of fun restoring and making furniture either for personal projects or as part of our enterprise scheme.

Enterprise Scheme

We work with local care homes, enterprise cafes, charities and local councils to name a few! We help with anything from cooking, deliveries, promotion, advertising and fundraising. We also run our own snack-away initiative delivering snacks to local businesses. You will manage purchasing, stocktaking, deliveries, finances and banking.

Get involved in supporting local businesses as well as building your own enterprise scheme

Trips & Outings

We provide a variety of day trips and activities

Our trips are usually run through the holiday periods with many options to suit all requirements and budgets.

Develop skills and support with:

  • Creating social contacts

  • Friendship

  • Social inclusion

  • Health and wellbeing

  • New experiences​​

Radio & Media

This project first started during the pandemic as a way for our customers to stay connected; preventing social isolation. Since then, the Project Radio team have presented live from a music festival and supported community fundraising events.

Our community radio station, Project Radio, provides media opportunities for people with learning difficulties and autism.

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For more information about our services, call our friendly team today on:

Surrey & Hampshire - 01483 224183
Lincolnshire - 01205 632800