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Travel training 🚌🎳

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Since the move to our new Hub, the CSP guys have been going out every Tuesday and exploring the bus routes down the road. They've been doing a brilliant job at working on their confidence with catching the bus from Camberley to Guildford and learning the routes with support. They have been getting up to lots of fun things including bowling in Camberley, cycling in Woking, visiting the Castle in Guildford and they are even planning a visit to Lightwater Country Park in the summer for a hike and yummy picnic!

Alex “ I love being able to go out every week with my friends and chose a different place to eat every week, My favourite of all time is McDonalds”

Carl “I love the journey and looking at the view from the window”

Lewis “ I love being able to go on the bus to Camberley to get lunch with my friends, we sometimes go bowling and the arcade too”

If you would like to join them or interested in joining our travel training programme near you then please contact Symon or Charley on 01483 224183


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