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💥Project Radio NEWS FLASH!💥

County Care's very own radio station, Project Radio, is joining forces with its community partners, YMCA Horley!

Tackling social isolation and providing an avenue for expression, our radio station crew work with our customers with learning disabilities to provide an opportunity that enables them to create and broadcast their own music shows whilst providing a 'voice' through the medium of music.

Stuart Kingsley, Deputy Head of Children and Young People at YMCA is also keen to provide young people with learning disabilities the opportunity to develop their musical and artistic talents within their music and recording studios at Horley YMCA.

So, in the true spirit of 'One Team, One Dream' Project Radio will support the YMCA in this journey, delivering the radio skills training and broadcasting live from their studio as of June 25th!

👀 Watch this space and check us out on:

Radio Crew and DJ's - Rob, DJ Princess Faye and The Tim setting up the studio for their first live show from YMCA's studio.

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