Life & Community Skills Project

How our projects run:

Projects start at 9am and finish at 4pm Monday – Friday, additional support can be provided if an earlier start and later finish is required.

We run our projects 50 weeks per year – pick and choose which days suit you.


We have locations across Surrey, North Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex and South Lincolnshire.

Find out more about our services by calling our Services Team on 01483 224183 South East or 01754 611153 Lincolnshire or email

County Care's award winning Life & Community Skills Project is a highly successful and innovative service for adults with learning disabilities, autism and mental health challenges. Accessible on a full or part time basis, the goal is to enable the people we support to live purposeful, independent lives, encompassing practical work, leisure and social skills.

We believe that everybody can contribute and be part of their local community and this ethos is embedded in all our sessions


Our Aims:

  • Provide purposeful outcome based skills, contributing to a more independent, healthy and rewarding life

  • Gain extensive experiences in life skills, work, inclusion, volunteering and enterprise

  • Help and encourage people being part of their community.

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Our Projects

Live, Learn, Achieve

Learn all the skills you need to become independent.

Live, Learn, Achieve - helping you to live a more independent life. On our LLA session you will cover all aspects of independent skills like shopping, budgeting, travel training, banking, cooking, cleaning your home, managing correspondence, living a healthy lifestyle.

Skills acquired:

  • Shopping

  • Travel training

  • Personal Banking

  • Paying Bills

  • Managing correspondence

  • Looking after your health

  • And a whole lot more

Plan it, Buy it, Cook it

Cooking from Plan to Plate.

Plan - Choose recipe, write shopping list, head off to the shops


Cook - Become independent cooking your own meals, working within a kitchen environment to gain basic food hygiene and kitchen safety skills.

Eat - The best bit

Skills acquired:

  • Meal Planning

  • Creating a shopping list

  • Travel training

  • Budgeting and money skills

  • Shopping

  • Meal preparation and cooking

  • Importance of a balanced diet

  • Food Safety & Hygiene


Skills acquired:

  • Seed to supper

  • Growing vegetables on a budget

  • Plan your growing space

  • Choose your crops

  • Care for your growing garden through the seasons

  • Harvest your bounty

Mow-tivated - Gardening and horticulture project

You will be working within our allotments and gardening projects in the community.

Did you know?

Growing plants gives us responsibility

Gardening connects us with nature

Gardening is great exercise

Gardening is therapeutic

Office Project

Office and IT skills project

Our office project is run as a social enterprise supporting people to play a leading role in an office environment.


Our main goal is to give those we support an opportunity to experience a real office environment.


Ultimately, we prepare individuals for work and we can also support them to take that step into employed life.

Skills acquired:

  • Team Work

  • CV Writing

  • Timekeeping

  • Interview techniques

  • IT Skills and online safety

  • Use of office equipment and technology

  • Communication skills

Art and Crafts

Art and Crafts


Our art sessions enable participants to explore their creativity and experiment with a wide variety of mediums and materials to create wonderful works of art. Some of our works are sold through our social enterprise in our online shop.


Our sessions have many proven benefits for the participants such as boosting their self-confidence and esteem.

Skills acquired:

  • Creativity

  • Confidence

  • Problem solving

  • Running a social enterprise

  • Communication

  • Working collaboratively with businesses in the local community

Work and Volunteering

Work and Volunteering

Volunteering allows you to connect with your community making it a better place.

Dedicating your time to volunteer helps you make new friends, expands your network and boosts your social skills.

Skills acquired:

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Problem solving

  • Planning and organising

  • Self-management

  • Transferable Skills for paid employment

  • Getting along with and working well with other people

  • Being reliable and dependable

  • A willingness to learn new skills

Furniture Project

Furniture Project


Working with our furniture master craftsman in a bespoke workshop carrying out everything from making a bird table to renovating an old cupboard.


You will learn what tools are best used and when, the different compounds that are used to make and restore furniture and the many types of joints used in furniture making.

Skills acquired:

  • Communication, work opportunities, tools, compounds, wood working skills

  • Work as a team and gain practical working skills

  • Learn Carpentry and woodworking skills techniques and finishes

  • Use a variety of workshop tools under the supervision of Ryan a professional furniture restorer

  • Build confidence with purposeful activities

Enterprise Me

Enterprise ME


Enterprise me is about getting involved running and helping local businesses as well as your own enterprise scheme.

We work with local care homes, enterprise cafes, charities and local councils to name a few! We help with anything from cooking, deliveries, promotion, advertising and fund raising. We also run our own snack-away initiative delivering snacks to local businesses. You will manage purchasing, stocktaking, deliveries, finances and banking.

Skills acquired:

  • Communication, independence, community, money, interaction and mental wellbeing

What We Do


Life, community, work and vocational skills projects

Clicking on a Tablet

Online - Life and vocational skills project and evening social

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Outreach and home based support services

Radio Show

Music, broadcasting, podcasting, media and station management


Travel training programme

Breaks, supported holidays and respite


Social and leisure activities

evenings weekly and monthly

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Providing trips to help with social groups and friendships

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