Josh & John's Lockdown Project

Josh has been keeping busy throughout lockdown, setting himself and John (his Community Support Worker), Lockdown Projects!

Squires Bridge, in Surrey, was closed to traffic for repair works from the 12th of February 2021 until the 24th March. During that period of time, Josh and John visited the bridge many times and on every visit took a series of photos of the work being carried out.

The engineers, Stonemasons, as well as Joe and Mike from A.P.A Concrete Repairs, were always very kind to Josh, taking time to talk to him and John. They even gave Josh one of the old columns from the bridge which Josh has since upcycled into a very cool looking lamp!

With the help of Josh's parents, they have made an easy-read project book covering the bridge repair works - click the file below to give it a read and check out the amazing lamp.

Josh and John would like to give a very big thank you to all the work staff on-site for making this Lockdown Project another to remember!

Josh's Lockdown Bridge project
Download PDF • 14.21MB


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