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First Transition Club event 🎧

Our first transition club event was held on the 20th of March which was a huge success! This group is offered to young adults between the ages of 16-19 years old to get a taster of what County Care has to offer. The club runs over a 6 month period with one session taking place a month. Tracy and Kelvin started off with a session in our purpose built radio studio. Roderigo, Rhys and Louie were the first young gentlemen to join this group and really enjoyed it. There was an opportunity to explore the radio equipment and software learning how it all works as well as compiling their own show which their parents were able to tune in and listen to live! Louie also loves to sing and has recorded his own song previously which he played live on the show.

Louie's Mum stated: "Well what can I say Louie was buzzing all the way back home he so enjoyed the whole evening and he enjoyed Kelvin and Tracey’s company too. All three young gentlemen really enjoyed themselves and will be joining us for the next session.

If you are interested in joining our transition club please contact Symon, Kelvin or Charley on 01483 224183 or email


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