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Celebrating RED NOSE DAY in style!

Going into the week of Red Nose Day we held a miles challenge throughout the whole of County Care, all the Community Skills hubs (CSP) had either running machines, exercise bikes or rowing machines so that people could pop along and help cover the miles between our Fetcham hub to our hub in Skegness. This was a total of 151 miles which we managed to more than double, so we made it there and back!

On Red Nose Day the dress code and general theme was 1950's Grease, with large events being help at two of our hubs Fetcham, Surrey and Skegness, Lincolnshire. On the day we had visitors from our other CSP hubs, our outreach support guys as well as the public. There were many pink ladies, lots of leather jackets and even an Elvis. The café's were turned into 50's theme American Diners by our guys, using such items like records to decorate alongside a very American 50's style menu of burgers, fries, milkshakes and coke floats, which proved to be very popular by everyone that attended!

Another big hit and very popular attraction was the Blue Cadillac car, parked at our Fetcham hub for the day by a local resident. Project radio was playing live between 9-4 from our radio studios at Fetcham and Skegness. The theme on the radio was 50's rock as well as many quizzes like "Guess the lyrics" and various other games for entertainment. There was a lovely cake sale which took place throughout the day in Skegness too.

A big thank you to all who took part as a whopping £477 was raised for a very good cause!


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